Our Two-Tiered Cakes

On this page, you will find most of the 2-tiered cake designs. These photos are mainly for your reference, please feel free to give us new inspirations or if your would like,  we can customise a design that we have already done to suit your special event.

Our 2-tiered cakes come in the sizes of (measured in diameter, smaller diameter represents top tier while larger diameter represents the bottom tier):

3-inch by 5-inch: good for 4-10 pax, prices start from S$95.00 

5-inch by 7-inch: good for 10-25 pax, prices start from S$160.00

6-inch by 8inch: good for 20-45 pax, prices start from S$185.00

7-inch by 9-inch: good for 35-60 pax, prices start from S$210.00

8-inch by 10-inch: good for 50 pax and up, prices start from S$250.00

For our 2-tiered cakes, two flavours can be chosen from the list (press the button below for the complete list).

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