Our Single-Tiered Cakes

This is a simple gallery where, at one glance, you can see the various designs that we have to offer. These are mainly past designs and could serve as an inspiration for you. Do check out the flavours that we have and send in a form if you are interested in ordering a cake for you special occasion.

Our single-tiered cakes come in the sizes of (measured in diameter):

5-inch: good for 4-6 pax, prices start from S$45.00 

6-inch, good for 6-10 pax, prices start from S$55.00

7-inch: good for 7-12 pax, prices start from S$68.00

8inch: good for 10-15 pax, prices start from S$80.00

9-inch: good for 15-20 pax, prices start from S$98.00

10-inch: good for 18-30 pax and up, prices start from S$125.00

* Do note that our standard cakes comes in layers of 3 cake sponges, taller cakes with more cake layers will be subjected to additional charges.

One flavour can be chosen from the standard list (please access through the button below).

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