Our Dessert Table Terms & Conditions

Number of Food Items:

Midnight Baker’s Dessert Tables will consist of an array of sweet and/or savoury food items. Each pax is estimated to have 3 pieces of sweet/savoury food and hence, for a 70pax dessert table, the number of food items provided will be at least 210 pieces.

Table Styling:

Fixed dessert table prices are inclusive of basic table styling where one general colour scheme below can be chosen:


-baby blue

-baby pink

-mint green

General things provided:

•Basic Tablecloth (according to chosen colour scheme)

•Basic Backdrop Cloth (according to chosen colour scheme)

•Cake stands and display stands

•Dessert/food labels

•Other decorations if required and available at Midnight Baker

•Table has to be provided by customer

•Extra decoration that required sourcing/customisation will be subjected to additional charges



At this moment, we are currently offering two basic types of display sets:

- Rustic

- White

Dessert table packages includes only basic styling of table and backdrop with fixed colour themes to choose from. These colours are white, baby pink, baby blue and mint green. Choosing the fixed dessert packages also means free-styling on our side.

Inputs are welcomed but further customisation may be subjected to additional charges. Additional charges start from S$200. Do let us know if you have a particular theme in mind. 


Setting up/Tearing down of Dessert Table:

Midnight Baker will provide both set-up and tear down of dessert table

•Prior to the start of event, please allow at least 1.5 hours for set-up (please ensure venue is accessible before the start of event)

•Each dessert table is designed to last for 3-5 hours. Please advise if a shorter/longer time is needed, this will be subjected to additional charges

•Please ensure at least 1 hour access to venue after event for tearing down of table

•Set-up timing is between 11AM – 5PM, other timings may be subjected to charges and availability

Other Important Details:

•Disposable cutlery and plates can be provided if required at an extra charge

•A small corner of the dessert table will be designated for display of Midnight Baker SG name cards

•Dessert table packages do not include a birthday cake centerpiece. However, 10% discount will be given if purchase together with dessert table

•A deposit of half the pricing needs to be collected before the dessert table slot is confirmed