Standard Gourmet Cakes

No need for customisation? Then, you are at the right place! Here, we have our standard cakes with standard designs. We will be rolling out the designs for each individual flavours soon. For now, our design is similar to the one shown in our gallery (not including fondant words). 

The following are the available sizes,

5-inch: good for 4-6 pax, S$43.00 

6-inch, good for 6-10 pax, S$55.00

7-inch: good for 7-12 pax, S$68.00

8inch: good for 10-15 pax, S$75.00

9-inch: good for 15-20 pax, S$98.00

10-inch: good for 18-30 pax and up, S$110.00

* Do note that our standard cakes comes in layers of 3 cake sponges, taller cakes with more cake layers will be subjected to additional charges.

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