Upcoming & Recent Events

{Event February 2018} V'day's Celebrate! Event

In collaboration with The Baker Girl Next Door, we did a pop-up event to celebrate Valentines' this year. We came up with a high tea set for two which included:

- Earl Grey Blueberry Lemonade Cake

- Bakkwa Cheesecake Cups

- Banana Loaf

- Quiche Lorraine

- Lemon Tart

- Prosperity Flatbread

As someone holding an event for the first time, it was really an eye-opener to do kitchen service. Hope to bring more of such events for you all!


{Event May 2017}  2nd Pop-up @ Loewen Gardens Farmers Market

{Event May 2017}  Pop-up @ CHIJMES

{Event April 2017}  Pop-up @ Loewen Gardens Farmers Market

{Event February 2017}  Pop-up Cake Shop @ Three Cups Coffee Co.

It was exhilarating setting up a pop-up booth right in the heart of Singapore's CBD area. The lunch crowd was crazy but it gave a great experience on how it will be to handle a heavy traffic next time. And we almost sold out despite bringing so many items to the area.

Thankful to the folks at Three Cups Coffee Co. whom reached out to us and provided the opportunity to do something different. Seeing customers face to face was great!


Lemon Curd Cake

Earl Grey Blueberry Lemonade Cake

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake

Blackberry Crumble Cupcakes

Thai Milk Tea Cupcakes

Grapefruit Mint Tart


{Event January 2017} Venuerific's 4th Anniversary 

It was a blast to have done the dessert spread for Venuerific's 4th Anniversary Party. We provided a spread of desserts for their guests to fit their spring garden theme (our speciality, so you know, if you are looking for a garden theme, you can hit us up!).

The place was beautifully set up with great help from Cynthia and her team whom helped us to change to a larger table as the spread we brought was too large. 

We certainly had a blast ourselves ! 

Happy anniversary Venuerific!



{Event January 2017} North-East November Babies 100th Day Bash

Did a mini sponsorship for the North-East district babies this January held at Suntec City, Bove by Spring Maternity, and was tasked with a theme of hot-air balloons and monkeys.

X, who contacted me, was a previous customer of Midnight Baker. It was a great opportunity for exposure and experience, hence, I readily agreed. 

To fit the theme, I created a 3D hot-balloon with two little monkeys, a male and a female. I was absolutely in love with the cake. It has turned out better than I thought! The flavours of the cake were Earl Grey Lavender and Chocolate Salted Caramel, our two best-selling flavours.

Also, I made some cupcakes so as to make sure everyone will get to try something. Half of them were in my favourite, Pandan Gula Melaka while the other half was in Valrhona Chocolate.

Operating this business has been eye-opening, bringing me to places that I would not have gone. Grateful for all the doors that opened for me.

- Chloe Quek

{Celebration 2016} Yet another 21st Picnic Surprise

Had the chance to create another picnic surprise for one of my friends in December 2016, on the actual day no less.

This time round, the theme was leaning towards black x gold, something more fitting for this friend of mine. We also shifted from Botanic Gardens (see below) to Marina Barrage, definitely a venue for people to consider for picnics. But, rainy days of December definitely gave us some jitters, as we were fervently praying for the rain to stop.

I showcased some of my new display loots for this picnic, to adhere more to the theme. You'll see macarons encased in a gold-rimmed diamond-shaped holder and roasted potatoes in another.

For this picnic, I made a Red Velvet cake, entirely frosted in black frosting (had some laughs as the buttercream stained our lips and teeth, seeing how each of us tried to avoid staining ourselves created even more laughters), topped with bright yellow piped buttercream, sprinkled with some funfettie & finally, a gold topper to complete it. 

We also had pulled pulled buns with blueberry coleslaw in homemade sweet potato bread, roasted mushrooms + potatoes + chicken thighs, matcha salted caramel cupcakes, jam-filled swiss rolls, blueberry custard tarts, macarons and a healthy salad with onsen eggs.

Setting up this time round was much smoother after having a run of it beforehand, super thankful for all the friends that helped and the highlight was definitely seeing someone who doesn't get surprised easily, being surprised. 

It ended the year for us in a bash (it was 30th December). 

Happy 21st, JT ♡

- Chloe Q.

Christmas Specials 2016

For this Christmas, it took some time for me think of new flavours and designs, trying my best to do something that no one else did before. However, I guess that did not happen entirely and I ended up coming up with a winter wonderland unicorn cake which many are doing right now. It just too adorable not to try my hands at making one. Hence, it was launched in the butter beer flavour for this year's Christmas.

As for the rustic carrot cake, I thought it might be good to have something that everyone already knows and love. The semi-naked no fuss design ensures that you will be purely enjoying the taste and flavour. Rustic, because that is what carrot cake signifies to me, something that had been around for a long time and adored.

With this, please hop over to this form for more details. 

Merry merry Christmas everyone!

- Chloe Q.

{Celebration 2016} 21st Picnic Birthday Surprise

I decided to feature this celebration for one of my special secondary school friends as I thought such a concept might be interesting for some of us to consider. Midnight Baker can even help you do the set-up.

I chose the venue to be at Botanic Gardens, initially eyeballing a tree where I am able to hang things from but unfortunately, Botanic Gardens is a protected park and no hanging things on trees are allowed. I had to make do with just a normal picnic. Many props to my sister for sewing the cushion covers for me! Thank you!

It was difficult for me to remember that it is a picnic, not a dessert table and that savoury food must be in more abundance as it was also a brunch situation for many of my friends.

I ended up making ciabatta sandwiches, a salad with the full works, minced beef hand pies, cheese scones, fresh berries tart with edible flowers, panda gula melaka cupcakes, macarons, sugar cookies, roasted garlic potatoes, bluepea flower-infused white tea and of course, a small cake for the celebration (in rose-lychee-raspberry flavour). Proved to be too much for a group of 8-9 people. I have a strong belief in feeding good things to my guests.

Set-up was done approximately 1.5hr before arrival of birthday girl with the help of 2 of my friends. Thank God for G and S. We improvised as we went, finally shifting out of the shades of the trees (ANTS!!) and settling somewhere nearer to the walkway. All hard work was worth it when people complimented the set-up and we were hoping that the birthday girl would think so too!

The theme I went for was rustic with blue splashes. All of us came in blue except for her! I guessed this was right after all she should stand out! It was such a hilarious moment. 

The birthday girl did enjoy herself and the clique was finally full strength after almost a year or two. This is what birthdays do to people, they bring people together for a reunion. Thankful and most importantly,

Happy 21st, P.K. 

- Chloe Q.

{August 2016 Event} Our Blocks Rock Party @ Yew Tee MRT Hard Court

It was a privileged to be part of this. The decision to actually participate in this party was a last-minute decision, made just two days before the first day of the event. We were honestly apprehensive about sales as past experiences at some arts market has left us rather disappointed. But not this time!

The crowd is overwhelmingly supportive. Sales came from all ages and having the opportunity to interact with them (as compared to customised cakes) was rather refreshing. They were very friendly and often mistook the cakes as decorative pieces rather than as food. That gave us all a good laugh but it is really encouraging because it means that our bakes look good. The taste good part came when there were repeat customers on the second day. It's true joy to be able to recognise them and talk abit more with them, to get to know them better. 

Extreme heartfelt gratitude to the organisers and other vendors. First incident was a miscommunication that occurred on my part, almost causing a vendor to not have a booth/have to share. Thank God they were not angry and instead comforted me that everything will be fine and that they were alright with booth-sharing. Luckily the organisers quickly solved the issue but setting up a new booth for the other vendor.

The same vendor (whom I actually took the booth away from) also kindly helped me with when rained started to pour and we were getting drenched together with our things. He selflessly rushed out into the rain and carried the very heavy box to safety. Immensely thankful for him, otherwise our things could have gotten so drenched that they can't be used. We were also offered by one of the organisers a towel to wipe the rain off. Could not ask for a even more helpful community and this is exactly what the event is all about: the community. 

I am looking forward to participate in more of Our Blocks Rock Parties in the coming months. So, do come down and support all the vendors there!

- Chloe Q.